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Welcome to My Pulelehua Inspirations!! I have been married since 2003 to a wonderful man who not only loves me, but loves God!! I have been crafting since I was a little girl and that's when I discovered the beauty of butterflies!! How each design was created in a unique way. The same way each one of us are created! I hope that your visit here will uplift and inspire you to create beautiful things!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My First Crocheted Purse!!

Hello everyone!!

I hope you all are having a beautiful day, night or afternoon wherever you are!! I've been challenging myself with several things lately and I'd like to share with you the most recent project!

I've only been crocheting for almost a month and I'm pretty happy with what I've learned so far! I saw a great tutorial on YouTube by virigniaomalley. It's a total of 5 videos and it's easy! The only problem I had was the button, let me tell you it looked like a hot mess!lol I can't wait to make more! Infact, I've been asked by several people to make them one too!! Woo Hoo!!!

Hope you've enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by!! Have a blessed day!!

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