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Welcome to My Pulelehua Inspirations!! I have been married since 2003 to a wonderful man who not only loves me, but loves God!! I have been crafting since I was a little girl and that's when I discovered the beauty of butterflies!! How each design was created in a unique way. The same way each one of us are created! I hope that your visit here will uplift and inspire you to create beautiful things!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Styrofoam Ornament

Hello Everyone!!

Today I'd like to share with you something that I made for a swap I was in over at A Lil Scrap of Heaven. I will post a link below so if you'd like you could hop on over and see all the beautiful creations everyone has made!

In all of my years of crafting I have never made a styrofoam ornament before, now I'm hooked!! I created this using colors that my partner for the swap would like. And as luck would have it, these are some of the left over goodies I used for party favors for my wedding!

I was so happy when I recieved her email telling me how much she loved it! I always get super nervous when I'm creating something for someone.

Styrofoam Ball
White Fabric Material
Pearl Trim
Burgundy Flowers
White Satin Ribbon
Burgundy Satin Ribbon
Pearl Beads
Hot glue/gun
Needle and Thread
Stick Pins

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you've enjoyed it!! Have a beautiful blessed day!!

P.S.- Here's the link to A Lil Scrap of Heaven - http://alilscrapofheaven.ning.com/main

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